• Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

 Bringing out the latent potential of all students from the first year and nurturing them to become business minded with the required management skills in economics, law, IT and capable of working in the public sphere and business world.

More information concerning the Faculty of Economics and Management can be found here (in Japanese).

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Curriculum / Graduation Requirements:

Common Faculty Core Educational Subjects: Minimum 28 Credits (Health, Future Learning, Coursework, I.T. General Liberal Arts
Foreign Language Subjects: Minimum 12 Credits
International Management Subjects: Minimum 60 Credits
Elective Subjects: Minimum 28 Credits

Total: 128 Credits (minimum)

Careers and Employment

■Manufacturing] Nissei Build Kogyo Co. Ltd, Komatsu Seiren, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries etc

■Commercial] Ricoh Japan, Yokohama Tyres, Hokuriku Subaru Automobile etc

■Financial] Imamura Securities, Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Japan Agricultural Kanazawa Chuo etc

■Department Stores] Valor Holdings, Lawson Inc., Albis Co. Ltd. etc

■Service] Sumitomo Real Estate, Kagaya Group, Daiwa Living Management etc

■Public Servants] Ishikawa Prefectural Police, Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau, Japan Pension Service etc