• Message from the President

Message from the President

Tsutomu OGURA, Ph.D.
Chairman, Board of Trustees
President of Hokuriku University



  The study of pharmaceutical sciences and natural medicine has been deeply ingrained within the history of the Kaga Domain, or Ishikawa Prefecture since Maeda Toshiie and the Maeda Clan entered Kanazawa in 1583. With this long history, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Hokuriku University was established in 1975 under the guiding principles of "to love nature, respect life, and to seek the truth." Since its establishment, we have been passionate to nurture pharmacists who can contribute to society in the medical, health and environmental fields through education and research. In 2004, the School of Future Learning (Departments in International Management and International Liberal Arts) was founded to educate students with strong communication skills, a deep understanding and appreciation of business and law, well-rounded character as well as being internationally minded.

 One characteristic of the education at Hokuriku University is a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and providing practical education allowing students to be able to quickly adapt to rapid changes in society. Another educational philosophy we practice is to show a deep affection and passion and to work with all students in order to allow them to grow and develop their character and unique personalities. Our liberal arts education provides a wide array of opportunities for students to engage their physical and emotional senses through sports, reading, arts and various cultural activities.

 Hokuriku University will continue to reform and evolve in order to face the challenges of the 21st century. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus and join us in exploring the wonderful possibilities and opportunities which learning can provide and to help you discover your potential.