• Confucius Institute at Hokuriku University

Confucius Institute at Hokuriku University

 The Confucius Institute(孔子学院)at Hokuriku University was established in cooperation with the Chinese government and Beijing Language and Culture University on April 4, 2006. The Confucius Institute is a Chinese national project that promotes mutual understanding and friendly relations between countries worldwide and China through the spread of Chinese language and Chinese language culture. As a result of rapid economic growth and China placing priority on economic dominance, the country is in a period of re-evaluating its place in the world and striving to emphasize a foreign policy concerned more with peace and friendly relations and where the national people yearn for times of the rich spiritual nature of Confucius, the great thinker of the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC~403 BC).

 With this purpose in mind, the Chinese government established the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing and as of July 2013, coordinates 327 institutes in 93 countries around the world. Highly evaluated by the Chinese government with its long relationship with numerous Chinese universities and ongoing educational exchange, Hokuriku University became the third university in Japan and the first on the Japan Sea side to be given the honour of establishing a Confucius Institute.

 The Hokuriku University Confucius Institute Secretariat is located within the Taiyogaoka campus in Kanazawa and each year, a variety of educational projects and field trips are carried out. On the Chinese side, various lecturers from the Beijing Language and Culture University, highly regarded for its Chinese language education as well as its international students programme, will be in charge of Chinese language education at the Hokuriku University Confucius Institute.

 The Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing offers our institute a wide variety of educational material including textbooks, books, magazines, videos and DVDs amongst other material in addition to personnel and resources to help not only with Chinese language education but also help students prepare for the Chinese Language Proficiency Exam (HSK) and the Certificate of Ability to Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language Exam as well as providing various scholarships. As a result, in addition to the vast variety of resources already accumulated here, the Chinese language and culture education environment at Hokuriku University will be even further enhanced.

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