• Japan Now Online Summer Course

Japan Now Online Summer Course

Each year during July, Hokuriku University invites students from its partner universities around the world to participate in our HU Summer Course. This is a 3-week program consisting of Japanese language classes and a variety of cultural activities.

Due to Covid-19, the program was cancelled for 2020 and seeing that international students were still not able to enter Japan in 2021, we decided to hold an online 3-day “Japan Now” program at the end of August (23 ~ 25 August). Through interactive Japanese language classes and real-time cultural activities, students were able to practice their Japanese language skills and see what is currently happening in Kanazawa.

Students from the Faculty of International Communication guided students around downtown Kanazawa visiting places such as Kenrokuen Garden (one of the 3 famous gardens in Japan), Kanazawa Castle (former palace of the Maeda clan in the 16th century), 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and finally finishing the tour off with a visit to Imai Gold Leaf and tasting the famous gold leaf ice-cream. The final day of the program included a special lecture on the digital arts of Japan featuring anime, manga and gaming.

Even though international students are still not able to enter Japan, we hope that through this program, students were able to stay connected with Japan and hold onto their dreams of being able to study in Japan when the borders do reopen again.