• School of Future Learning

School of Future Learning

The School of Future Learning was established in 2004. It is a four-year curriculum consisting of the Department of International Management and Department of International Liberal Arts. Fields of study in the Department of International Management include management, economics, law, finance and accounting. The Department of International Liberal Arts offers majors in Japanese language and Japanese language education, English or Chinese, while students take subjects such as liberal arts, cultural studies, tourism, international relations and regional studies. This form of curriculum allows students to tailor their education acquire the knowledge necessary to develop as internationally minded individuals.

1. Department of International Management
  - Management and Marketing Course
  - International Economics and Commerce Course
  - Finance and Accounting Course
  - Corporate Law Course
  - Medical Management Course

2. Department of International Liberal Arts
  - International Relations Course
  - Cultural Studies Course
  - English Studies Course
  - Japanese Studies and Japanese Language Education Course
  - Tourism Course