• Application Dates

Application Dates

Hokuriku University Japanese Language Course Admission Procedures

1. Qualifications
・A person who is not a Japanese national, and satisfies one of the following requirements:
① has completed in a foreign country, an equivalent to 12 years of formal education as recognized by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan; or
② with consideration to the applicant's age, is recognized by the University to be academically equivalent to at least a high school graduate.
・A person whose Japanese language ability is at least; equivalent to passing Level N5 (or Level 4 of the former JLPT) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or having attained equivalent to Level E of the J-TEST, or having completed 150 hours of Japanese studies.
・A person who is at least 18 years old at the commencement of the course.

2. Admission Periods
Students can commence in April or September
*Students commencing in September must have a minimum language level equivalent to Level N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

3. Enrollment Application Dates



Test Period

of Results


Sept. 2017

10 Mar.
26 May 2017

Early 〜 Mid
June 2017

Within 2 weeks of
having taken the test

29 June 2017

April 2018

First Round

1 Oct.
30  Oct. 2017

Early 〜 Mid
Nov. 2017

Within 2 weeks of
having taken the test

4 Dec. 2017

   April 2018

Second Round

1 Nov.
25 Dec. 2017

Early 〜 Mid
Jan. 2017

Within 2 weeks of
having taken the test

3 Feb. 2018

4. Application Requirements and Documents

(1) Please send all forms to the International Exchange Centre at Hokuriku University by registered express mail.
① Application Form for Admission (Form A).
② Certificate of Guarantee (Form B).
- The guarantor must be willing to take complete responsibility for the personal conduct and financial obligations of the student during his/her enrollment at the University (a non-Japanese citizen can be a guarantor however a student cannot).
③ Certificate of Health (Form C).
④ Certificate of graduation of highest level of education completed (high school or above).
⑤ Transcript of results of highest level of education completed (high school or above).
⑥ Three ID Photos (Upper body, no hat, 4 cm high x 3 cm wide, taken within the last 3 months, applicant's name written on the back of each photo).
⑦ Documents to certify financial status. Bank book copies (all pages), or other documents to certify financial status (local or foreign currency).
⑧ Payment of Examination Fee (JPY 10,000). Payment is to be made when submitting the application forms.

1. Applicants who do not meet the above requirements or any discrepancies found within the submitted documents will not be able to apply for admission.
2. Any submitted documents will not be returned under any circumstances to the applicant.
3. Photocopies of Forms A to C may be used when submitting documents. The application forms may also be downloaded from here
※ 4. Please make a photocopy of all submitted documents for your record.

(2) Examination Fee
Please pay the examination fee of JPY 10,000 yen by bank transfer (or directly at the examination test site). The examination fee needs to be paid in order to hold the examination.
*The examination fee is non-refundable.

Hokuriku University bank account details:

Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Name: Kanazawa Branch
Bank Address: 7 Shimotsutsumi-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan 920-0917
Account Name: Hokuriku University
Account Type: Savings Account
Account Number: 366-6418614
Hokuriku University Address:
1-1 Taiyogaoka, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan 920-1180
Hokuriku University Tel.:

5. Selection Criteria
Results will be based on the submitted application forms and an interview to be held by telephone.

6. Admission Procedures
(1) Please submit the following documents by the specified deadline.

① Written Oath (HU Prescribed form, filled out by the student's guarantor)
② Personal Information Form (HU Prescribed form, filled out by the student)
③ High School Completion Certificate or University Graduation Certificate
    (Certified Copy, only for students from mainland China)
④ Certificate of Academic Results
    (High School of university, only for students from mainland China)
⑤ Certification of Japanese proficiency
    (JLPT or any other test certificates, or enrollment certificates issued by language schools)
⑥ Resume (HU Prescribed form, filled out by the student)
⑦ Fee payment form (HU Prescribed form, signed by the fee payer)
⑧ Proof of relationship between fee payer and student
⑨ Certificate of employment (fee payer)
⑩ Certificate of income (fee payer)
⑪ Certificate of Bank Balance of fee payer
⑫ Copies of bank book (as used for ⑪)
⑬ Copy of passport
⑭ Three (3) ID photos (4cm by 3cm)
⑮ Any other forms as requested by the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Justice of Japan

※ Any forms submitted in a language apart from Japanese or English must also contain a translation of that document in Japanese or English.

(2) Course Fees
Admission Fee: 50,000 yen (to be paid together with tuition fees)
Tuition Fee: 700,000 yen (One-year course)
                  350,000 yen (Half-year course)
※ All course fees will be refunded (less bank transfer fee) in the case of the student's application for visa has been denied.

7. Admission Denial
(1) Admission may be denied if the fees are not submitted in full by the deadline.
(2) Admission will be denied if any submitted forms contain false information.

8. Cancellation Procedure
If a successful applicant decides to withdraw his/her admission, please carry out the required procedures by the prescribed deadline. Any paid fees (minus bank transfer costs) will be refunded in full.

9. Application Submission and Enquiries

Hokuriku University, International Exchange Centre
1-1 Taiyogaoka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, JAPAN 〒920-1180
TEL: +81-76-229-2626  FAX:+81-76-229-0021
E-mail: Shizu Tsukuda